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'...but sometimes we cry'

... an insight into the shameless career of an adult film star.


DATE: March 23, 2017

Byline: Porn Pussy Central


"You are a whore!

You're a fucking nasty ass dick sucking whore, ...

... a fucking cunt slut!



Why aren't you ashamed  ... 


Such words with the intention of scorn have been heard by many adult film actresses at one time or another.  The scorn for adult performers is held by a majority of people in the American general public, and perhaps even the world. This sentiment of condemnation is what a vast many people generally think privately about an adult film actress, even if it remains unspoken.  Many people are of  the opinion that all porn stars are going to Hell and should be shamed.  Nevertheless, regarding their profession, most all successful adult stars reject this assertion and remain shameless, but sometimes they cry.  

How do most successful adult film stars remain unencumbered by the this generally held negative opinion.  

The topic herein is not a debate about who is, or who is not, going to hell ... ... 

The topic presented herein is how and why are the walls of shame rejected by most all top adult film stars.


First, allow a clarification, please.  Notice we wrote  'successful adult film stars', not every person splashing porn on the internet is considered in this article.


Perhaps, the successful film star rejects the scorn because they do not believe in a heaven or a hell and they think all can be done for any reason whatsoever desired.   We present that this belief can not be the major force behind the ability to reject the shame hurled at the star.  And, which one amongst us should cast the first stone in their direction.  It would most likely bomarang and strike the thrower.  But many seem to toss those stones at the female adult film star for having sex on film.  A contrary belief to the condemers of adult films simple is not enough of a factor and elelment in the ability to forge ahead against the masses.  How then is overcoming accomplished.

Is rejecting public shame only accomplished as a result of concluding such shame is misdirected.  The scorn and condemnation is not directed toward the adult film performer because they have sex, as most do, but because they film their sex and expose it to the general public for viewing.  Is public exposure not the substance behind the intended projected shame.  Some people find the act of performing and filming sex to be shameful, immoral, sinful, and decadent. Others do not hold that view.  Are these assertions and condemnations warranted.  Is the scorn justifiable tossed toward the adult film actress for a decision to perform sex only because its in front of a camera and allows others to view these acts.  Perhaps, but if so, then this condemnation appears to be based mostly due to public viewing availability, isn't it.  Is one condemned for displaying on camera what is generally practiced and performed in the private bedroom of most everyone. Is this the understanding needed in order to reject the scorn of the masses.  If the industry is indeed condemned, I guess it is due to the invention of the camera, not to mention the internet.  The issue is not who or what is responsible for a scornful public opinion, as it undoubtably exist,  but the issue is how and why is it overcome. 

As  a publisher of adult material, we find most interesting the question of why and how it is that most successful individuals within the adult industry do not share in the generally held view of scorn and eternal damnation regarding their profession and person.  Many even believe in a God of judgement.  We also observe and judge that many adult film stars have a high sense of morality in regards as to how other people should be treated.  Further, most all celebrate their involvement and enjoyment of sexual choice to perform publicly.  Just such a celebration is underway in Denver, Colorado, USA, at the EXXXOTICA Expo, one of the worlds largest adult events.

Jillian Janson,  one of the worlds most successful new adult films stars, will be a feature star at the eXXXotica expo, Jillian exhibits no shame for her sexuality and her sexual acts captured on camera are proudly presented for all to see. Jillian has shamelessly acted in over 200 feature adult film scenes in her career. And quite to the contrary to the generally held view,  she shines with pride regarding her professional endeavor as an adult film actress.  Jillian is SHAMELESS

As a person that has an above average concern for other humans, Jillian may have some regret as to why others fell so negative about her profession and do not share her liberated sexual attitude.  It may effect and affect her in some manner, personally, as some may be offensive when judging her profession, but she does not professionally display regret. Jillian rejects the scorn of shame!

 We wish too know more about how and why Jillian has been able to reject the SHAME.

We pursue the opportunity to ask Jillian if the scorn placed upon her due to her profession has ever made her cry & why?

Perhaps a better understanding of the shameless attitude of Jillian and other adult stars regarding their profession  can be found within the deliberation of this article during the Exxxtica Expo Denver.  Let us start this understanding with a comparison of two crowds of people gathering to cheer and celebrate stars of performance on this very March Madness weekend, the Exxxotica expo fans in Denver and the basketball fans in Arizona

This weekend, thousands of people and hundreds of adult film stars will gather in Denver Colorado for an adult expo produced by EXXXOTICA, a gathering to celebrate cheer and enjoy adult film stars and sex.  Jillian will be celebrated during the expo as a feature star.  Simultaneously in Arizona, thousands will also gather to cheer for their respective teams pursuing a College National Basketball Championship.  Most fans in Arizona would cheer Wilt Chamberlain, a famous retired basketball player. Both are held in high esteem by thier respective crowds.  Let's compare a sexual perspective fact regarding these two individuals at thier respective gatherings.

Most every person in Arizona at the basketball event knows who Wilt Champberlain was to the sport of basketball and many consider him the greatest player to ever play that sport. In general, they hold him in high esteem.  Many of these same fans would consider the event in Denver to be a shameful scornful event.  And many would hold condemnation of Jillian, as well as all the adult stars in her profession due to their participation in this weekends adult expo event. Yet, the Great Wilt the Stilt professes openly to have had sex with over 10,000 women during his lifetime. Yes that is correct: Ten-Thousand! ...  I can personally attest to his claim of sexual escapades, as I once heard his response to this issue at a handball court in Hawaii.  And although then 10k amount may be an exaggeration, without doubt the number is in the thousands.  Wilt was indeed the greatest 'FUCKING' basketball player to ever live.   At this time we will not endeavor to address the sexuality of Ervin Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan, two other indivuals considerd to be the greatest of all time.  But no player compares to Wilt when it comes to fucking.

Wilt was never filmed during his well known sexual encounters. He was however a publicly broadcasted sports figure openly professing his sexuality.  

Jillian on the other hand, according to our estimation, is far behind Wilt in the quantity of sexual partners, as we estimate she has had around 250- 300 partners on screen, well short of Wilt's fucking numbers.  These fans of Arizona who would condem Jillian in no way condenm Wilt for his sexuality, then why are they then codemning porn stars ... ... be continues at a later date!

.... ....  on a personal note regarding that topic, we concluded long agothat the heaven and hell decision is not our call when that game is played, and no person here on earth really knows what will be that result.  So, if and when, we get to hell, or by chance heaven, we will let you know who made the trip as well. 




.....According to that logic, you are condemned not having sex put for having it filmed,

  Nor do they condemn their own sexuality, so why condemn others.  

Is there a difference due to public exposure ... ... ?  

Those in the crowd in Arizona who might condem the adult industry in Denver this weekend seem somewhat hypocritical in their conclusions ... ?

Our mission at the Expo Denver is to hear the personal repsonse of many regarding: 'Shamelessnes of Sexually Performance'.


Main issue and question for expo participants: WHY ARE YOU SHAMELESS?


1. What do you have to say about the 'American Purtain Ingrain Values'.

2. Are porn stars going to hell.

3.  What,  ... we do just that same thing ... in bed at home...don't we honey... so why is watching and showing sex scornful. 

4. The gathering at the EXXXOTICA EXPO Denver 2017 will be filled with fans cheering their favorite stars celebrating the common sexual liberation.  Why ...? 

5. The sporting event in in Arizona be filled with people who condemn the adult stars in Denver, why  ..?

6.  ... we search for a personal response from Jillian Janson to the above questions ... during this weekends events .. 



to be continued.

 THE 2nd oF 2 Jillian Janson Short Storie - Project: Just Spit Me Out 

Note: A request to Jillian Janson for a personal response to the following articles has been made.

No response had been made as to date of publication.

Short Story 1 of 2


Jillian Janson  The 2017 Porn Pussy Central Performer of the Year

January 21, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America: Time: 1:38 AM ... Time to spit it out.

Byline: Porn Pussy Central / Date: December 14, 2016

Title: Jillian's 'HOT' Blazing Trail

Jillian's story is somewhat like the little engine that pulled the big train to the top of the hill.



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