Just Spit Me Out

Just Spit Me Out: A Jillian Janson Story Featured

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Just Spit Me Out

2 Jillian Janson Short Stories

A reflection and insight into the career of a young adult film star. 

Byline: Porn Pussy Central

Short Story #1

January 21, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America: Time: 1:38 AM ... Time to spit it out.

Jillian Janson

The 2017 Porn Pussy Central Performer of the Year

Byline: Porn Pussy Central / Date: December 14, 2016

Title: Jillian's 'HOT' Blazing Trail

 ...  she continues on a hot blazing trail ... .

Jillian Janson has blazed a unique hot trail to the top of the adult industry.  Evidence of that burning trail is substantiated by her recent nominations for some of the industries top awards, the 2017 AVN Female Performer Of The Year, www.avnawards.com and her recognition from the XBIZ.com Adult Nation www.XBIZ.com within the past two years.   It  can be said that Jillian is a modern day self-made adult performances stand-out.  In the new world of unlimited free porn online, Jillian climbed to the top of the adult industry by using modern marketing techniques, connecting with online social network skills, and appealing to a massive potential audience.  She did indeed connect and conquer!  Throughout her short career Jillian displayed an ever increasing large quantity of quality performance product, splashed it relentlessly all over the internet and applied a very positive can do personal attitude that resulted in a large loyal fan base.  Jillian's story is somewhat like the little engine that pulled the big train to the top of the hill.

Reaching the top seemed to always be the unspoken goal as Jillian started plotting a professional career in 2013.  But for the best part of her initial career it was not evident to most people that she would be the successful professional she is now.  This did not appear to deter her from climbing upward.  She moved uphill using revolutionary techniques within a porn industry, which is now sliding downward and struggling to be profitable with its standard old methods of marketing.  Jillian progressed within the industry in a comprehensive new business manner not previously applied by other successful stars.

The success of Jillian is based on many factors, both technical and personal.  Her positive open liberal sexual perspective and personable caring attitude is her secret sauce!  But it was the application of online technology which brought that attitude and secret sauce out to millions of viewers, and this created the ever increasing demand for more product.  Up to this point, that demand has never stopped increasing.  Jillian's combination and application of the her marketing aspects within the unlimited free online porn world,  [which the industry is still struggling to overcome by hiding behind user names and passwords, as well as scamming affiliate marketing programs], were used to her advantage, creating a free and available base with vast exposure and an ever increasing demand.  Jillian presented a encompassing revolutionary self-made quality product: 'Jillian Janson Porn' - Online & Free - and you will be very happy to pay for the next film release!'. 

This www.JillianJansonXXX.com   website, presented as an unusual award to Jillian Janson for the Porn Pussy Central 2017 Performer of the Year, is designed to integrate and flow-stream a great deal of that product and present the aspects of Jillian's successful adult productions.  It demonstates her path to the top of the hill.  All of its content is free, legal and released adult content. 

Much of Jillian's pornography performances and adult film clips can be viewed free and legal online throughout the internet.  She has made approximately 180 adult feature films and hundreds of adult videos since her 18th birthday in May of 2013. Shortly thereafter, she started her professional career in the adult industry, which blossomed from cam shows.  But there was something different about Jillian as she proceeded through her young teen-porn career.  Most importantly, she had that; 'can reach the top and I really love my fans attitude! 

In an industry that is filled with more than its fair share of sharks and crooks, Jillian had some luck finding the right people early on her career path.  She found people in the right places who she could appreciate trust and respect.  Not that long after her big first shot on the California porn film screen, her good Mid-west common sense and people skills seem to kick into gear and lead her to good people in the industry, and away from many of the sharks!

Along the way of her journey, Jillian got hooked up with the Wicked Pictures crew, www.wicked.com which eventually brought her to the long running annual Tampa Night Moves adult event, where she won one of her first national awards.   Then she hooked-up with  a sexy award winning MILF Brit babe adult film star,  Tanya Tate, of Star Factory Promo, www.starfactory.com ,and then,  Model Centro, and then, not last nor least, the Matrix Models Agency www.matrixmodels.com and The Lee Porn Star Agent Network www.theleenetwork.com, and of course, eventually the Jules Jordan connection www.julesjordan.com, ... as well as a few other well respected experienced 'porn bizz people'.  

The combination of the right people brought it all together for Jillian: her can do attitude, her relentless method of online socialization, her love for raw sex on camera, that natural on-screen talent, her ambition to work, work, and work some more, a shining never ending smile, the sex appeal which splashed all over on camera, the improving dance and model moves, a respect for a growing fan base, ... ... all this boiled into an attractive product for the unlimited insatiable open source porn world.  And soon, those within the top of the industry took notice of her marketing and sales statistics, as her films sold.  She now stands on top with a limited decreasing group of other marketable long term quality stars.

Once the pot of offers to perform on film and her demand started boiling, it did not stop as she made her way to the top.  She made sure the offers did not stop due to any potential lack of exposure, or any lack of effort as she worked relentlessly to expose herself to her fans online - who she often refers to as 'My Loves'.   She was available to her fans at numerous promotional shows and busy dancing live in show girl clubs, producing new films and videos weekly, doing live snap shows almost nightly, daily tweeting on twitter, creating videos on her personal website, and beaming out periscope shots.  She was like a busy bee putting all the modern tech information network tools into simultaneous constant motion.

One only needs to surf around this site to understand why Jillian was awarded The Porn Pussy Performer of The Year honor, and why she is also well deserving of winning this years AVN and XBIZ awards in her nominated categories.   But you can decide that for yourself.  Jillian has produced hundreds of films and videos in her young career, and you can connect to a great many of them from this site.

Porn Pussy Central first took notice of Jillian in December 2013, about the time she got one of her first big breaks in 'Teens Love Huge (XXX)', a Reality Kings production ( review).   At that time, she still had a little baby fat and some insecurities as she performed on camera naked with only her baseball cap on her head - in reverse style.  We first personally viewed Jillian when she participated in the 2015 Night Moves adult week of fun and entertainment.  At that time, although Jillian was a porn star of notice and good looks, well worthy of Porn Pussy Publication, she did not appear to be the exceptional top-notch blazing professional with all the attributes which she displays and has now conquered. We again had a brief encounter with Jillian at a trade show in 2016, and it was obvious that her determination to improve and learn, which was not so previously evident, is now there for all to see.

It is now also quite apparent to the entire adult industry that Jillian Janson is sleek, shapely, sexy, secure and a consummate professional.  She is one hot young woman of mind, body and soul.  It just goes to show you, one shouldn't always judge a porn star only by her good looks.

If any so called 'imperfect average' young girl with a great smile and a liberal attitude toward sex is considering striving for the top of the pornography industry and to become a consummate professional in the modern adult media world of 2017 and beyond, Jillian has indeed blazed a trail path to higher achievement for you, and one should and could learn from her past blazing sexy hot trail, and even perhaps follow it!  

Maybe even the Adult Industry as a whole has something to learn from the blazing trail Jillian Janson has forged to the various 2017 Adult Film Awards platforms. They all should be proud to put any award trophy in her hands on their respective stages. We wish Jillian Janson good luck in all her endeavors.  We hope this website will help Jillian in the future and that Porn Pussy Central can bring her a little further on the path of whatever hill she decides to climb, chances are that she will leave a red hot blazing trail in her pursuits.  We end by stating an old school performance well wish to Jillian by saying, 'Hey baby, go break a leg!'.


 Short Story #2: Jillian Janson

Shameless, ... but sometimes we cry!

Adult Perfomance Award Nominations - currently under consderation:

AVN Female Performer of The Year: www.avnawards.com 

XBIZ 2017 Nominee: "Best Sex Scene" - All-sex Release: Black & White Volume 2 Tushy Films  ... view the nominated Tushy film clip VOD / DVD / Rental ..  Visit The XBIZ Awards website: www.xbixz.com  to vote.

2016 Interiew Question: Why are the Porn Industry Awards so important?

Jillian Janson Response: I believe it’s important to get recognized for the skills and talents that we all possess in this kind of field, because it only seems fair considering the film and music industries are allowed to experience these type of events for their accomplishments, so why shouldn’t we!




This is a future proposal for Jillian Janson article and interview ... 

Topic Synopsis: Suggested Article Title: 'The Award'

It's not a trophy, is it? ... ... no its a website!  ... What do I do with that?

The award and trophy for being named Porn Pussy Central Performer of the Year is this website: www.jillianjansonXXX.com .

Official ownership, all rights and profits of such will be transferred to the Jillian upon her request, (if she so wishes), and the transfer is now scheduled to occur during  2017 .

A website is somewhat like a condominium, it needs maintenance and it cost money. This new website is set up to create a profit and cover those cost by providing free content to the user.  None-the-less, the highest true value of this awarded website to Jillian may be within its ability to be used as a platform for her future endeavors.  And we are certain Jillian Janson is an Adult performer who knows how to use this online website to her advantage. So it's all yours sugar!  We would like to write and article on this topic and request an interview ..


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