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 Janice Griffith

An Inter-Active Article

Adult Film Star Dossier

The Web  of Janice Griffith


Porn Pussy Central invites Janice to participate in this interactive online presentation.



Janice Griffith has spun, and contiues to spin, a complex and intiguing web in her young life as an adult film star.   Every web begins with a single thread, which forms the basis of the rest of the structure. We intend to examine a few of the threads that result in Janice's web.  Our objective is to reach into that web with this inter-actie article and reveal something about Janice which is to this point unknown to the general public.  If this can be acheived, we are certain it would be interesting.  Proceeding to the objective is as follows. 

 Janice IS: 

... attractive / sexy / happy / playful / opinionated / agressive / playful / controversial / ambitious / spontaneous / risky / horny / sexually unusual /  thoughtful /... ... ...

Interactive Question: What word or words would you (Jancie) add or subtract to this list of single descriptive words?

Janice DOES:

... fucks a lot - loves to fuck (presumed) / spends time regularly online  social media  -  / loves the beach - but not Vencie beach / writes / reads (what?) / likes music  / you tube scanner  / dance   / show girl performances? ... not sure / cams? no /  

Question: What Do Ya Do?

 ... .... with yourself and your personal time? .... and how does all hat fit into your work schedulte ... how often do you shoot ? ...

Bio information: 

Stage Name:  Janice Griffith,

Question: Janice Griffith is not your birth name ... you seen to have been able to  keep your birth name and personal background off the internet.  Is that by design? why ... ,

Question: Janice Griffith - You took a simple generic name ... and you branded that name and made it standout with your adult performances ... You once expressed that your stage name was taken from a actual friend ... ... .

Born July 3, 1995 in New York

22 years old now ... ... . Are you smarter now than you were when you were 18 years of age? Why ...  

FAMILY: ??? Can we ask about this?

Question: Born In the Big Apple, New York City ... ... how long did you live there ... do you have any thoughts regarding NYC ... Did it influence you? 

Height 5 ft 3 in (161 cm) Weight 86 lbs (39 kg)

Measurements 32B-23-32

Question: At what point in your life did you realize that the following personal attributes strike you as condusive to making you a porn star.

... you are petite, quite skinny, small butt, long legs, above average size natural round tits,  

and you can squirt (female ejaculate).  

Squirting, more on this, ...  ...  

Now Age 22 on July 3, 2017 - at the time of this article.

What do ya say about being 22?

Question/ Response: Teen porn is gone for you now ... right?  But you have a ton of top released films at the ripe age of 22 now ... 

Started in Adult films at the age of 18 /  James Deen Productions /   What did you think then that is not true now?

Lives in California  ... have you become a Cali girl>

Number of Adult Film 200+ - Adult Videos 200+ , does this count seem factual. 

Education: ...

 You seem quite educated in many ways,   ... you often express ideas of some thought in your social media and interviews ... ... . 

but you are not formally higher educated (college, etc. ... ,)

Where did you get your smarts?  You read alot, don't you? how often? how much? what do you read? more on this ...  

Music: ... it seems to give a look into your artistic mind set, doesn't it?  Do your musical taste often move off the beaten path ..

Question: Your musical taste ... are interesting. ... unconventional? ... more on this later ... 

Suggested Topics & Points of interest: 

1. The Backroom Fuck On The Tire

- The Reality Kings performances (2014)  

Money Talks - Teens Love Huge Cocks - Moms Bang Teens - HD Love.

You state your first adult film experience was with James Deen productions, right?  But the above  four videos of the Reality Kings network produced in 2014, provided a much larger audience a few of your work.

(Samples of the Rk video play in the video player above.) Is it fair to say, these vids were a blast off to your career?  

Question: Whay do you have to say about that time and these videos.  

2. Janice's claim of racism in porn ... ...  

3. The 'GREAT' roof toss - the legal outcome  -  was it not voluntarly pre-planned?  The incident provided notoriety, did it not? Question: Are you not lucky you did not die in that incident.  It was a OMG moment to view, that's for sure ... 

4. Topic: Online interaction. Do you, yourself post all your twitter and instagram ..  Do you have an online publication company.

Question: You are always taking on the haters on twitter - instagram, ... are you not?  

5. Author Janice: your writings ... ?? more on this ... do you write? how much, how often, ... a lot? topics?

6. Topic: The ' I Hate Trump' -  Twitter heading - polictical views: ... ... . Should we dicuss politics?  

7. Topic: Indian heritage  ...   ... Indian slaves in Ghana? .... .

8. Question:  You express a shameless-nes toward your work and choosen profession.  respond to this, as to why you have no shame... ... what makes you different ... ...  . 

Why would you recommend, or not recommend other girls to take up your profession ..

9. $$$$ DO YA Wanna talk about that> How about $ and the industry?

10.You smoke marjuana daily, don't you?

Pot, let's discuss pot, in an honest manner ... the positive and the negative ... .

11. Do you have a real foot fetish, or is it acting,

you have large feet for your size, don't you, 

12. Topic: The Porn Industry -  can we discuss this, 

13. The future ???  

CONCLUSION:  Not yet reached 

Connection Information:

View The Janice Griffith Porn Pussy Central Adult Platform


Twitter: www.twitter.com/thejanicexxx

view Janice's official twitter on this page

Instagram: @rejaniced

view Janice's official instagram on this page

Other connections:

Only Fans Page: www.onlyfans.com/janicegriffith

view links on this page

Adult DVD Talk Interview 

Byline: Picasso

Publication Date: July 2017

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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